This fall, I will be teaching three classes that focus on the student as a ministry leader. From preaching to spiritual formation, these classes will give students both theoretical knowledge and practical experience that will help them serve the church and their communities.

The first class is Supervised Ministry on Tuesday mornings. This class does not actually meet like a normal class. Instead, the students spend time both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. When the students are outside of the classroom, they meet with a supervisor in the ministry setting they currently serve or in the setting they feel called to serve. These supervisors can be pastors, worship leaders, or any leader in the type of ministry they wish to serve. When the class meets, we discuss the different ministries and what to expect in those ministries. Students are able to gain theoretical knowledge in the classroom and practical experience outside of class as they meet with their supervisor.

I am also teaching Principles of Preaching Thursday afternoons. In this class, the students will study different preaching styles and learn how to write and deliver a sermon or Bible study. I am excited to teach this class because so many different preaching styles and practices exist. Although we will study how to make an expository sermon, we will also explore the differences in other types of sermons with examples and sermon briefs. I am eager to see the students deliver their own sermon at the end of the semester.

The last class is one of my favorite classes to teach, and one of the most important classes I took when I was a student here at SCS. The class is called Spiritual Formation and will be held on Tuesday nights. I will teach it as a hybrid course meaning some nights we will meet on campus and other nights we will meet online or complete an online assignment. This class covers what spiritual formation is and why it is important. We will discuss different spiritual disciplines that help individuals cultivate their own spiritual life and practice. When I was a student, Spiritual Formation was the most practical class I took, because it helped me focus on my spiritual walk with God.

As I teach this class, students will be able to try different spiritual disciplines themselves and see how they can make space for God to move in their lives. At Stark, we do not want to just give information to students, we want to help shape them to look more and more like Christ. This class in particular is a formational class that helps with that aspect in their life. Overall, all of these classes are great and will help students hone their ministry tools and strengthen their own relationship with God. I am looking forward to teaching the students in these classes and watching God move in each of their lives and through each of them in the community and church.

This article was written by Professor Andres Garcia. Professor Garcia is the pastor of New Song Fellowship Church and is pursuing his doctorate at Logsdon Seminary.