As followers of Christ, we are called to reach the nations. This summer is the first opportunity I will have to explore this calling. Through my connections with my local Baptist Student Ministry and Go Now Missions, I was appointed to serve in Wales this summer. I believe God does not call us to a place but to a people. Therefore, I am deeply excited about what is set before me and am prayerfully asking God to prepare my heart and equip my mind to serve the people of Wales.

While in Wales, my team and I will serve alongside Welsh-speaking Evangelicals through Linguae Christi, an organization that mobilizes local churches to reach their community. We will strive to reach a culture that is overwhelmingly spiritually lost (99% of the people). Most of our time will be spent building relationships with locals that will lead to gospel-centered conversations.

Part of the project includes attending one of the most important Welsh cultural events which draws over 150,000 visitors each year and has a 1,000-year history. Welsh-speakers and may tourists of all ages are drawn to this Woodstock/Coachella-like festival. At the festival, there will be a special area with events designed specifically for young people (16-30 years old). 

Our team’s focus will be to develop relationships with our peers as they camp out and participate in the festival. Additionally, we will assist Welsh-speaking Evangelicals with their various ministries geared towards the young adult demographic. The assignment will begin with orientation/training, followed by intensive Welsh language instruction. Linguae Christi believes in learning a “heart language” for the sake of building relationships and investing in the lives of the people, community, and culture. This is all done with the intent to find the bridges for the clear transmission of the good news of Jesus.

Even though the trip is three months away, I have already witnessed God’s affirmation and provision. Part of my responsibility is to raise half of my required funds. Through reaching out to my church, family, and close friends for financial and prayer partnerships, I stepped out in faith trusting God would raise up a group of people willing to send me. As of today, God has completely provided for my trip through generous partnerships. I am humbled to experience God’s faithfulness, and I confidently look forward to seeing how else God will move in my life and the lives of those in Wales. 

Over the last few years, Stark College and Seminary has provided me the tools, resources, and community to deepen my biblical knowledge as well as understand how to apply it in the real world. For what good is it for one to study scripture in an academic, church, and personal setting if they are not sharing it with others? My prayer and desire are to apply my knowledge and experience in ministry to effectively communicate the gospel to those whom God has called me. 

The eternal destiny of millions of indigenous Europeans depends on the Church’s determination to reach the nations. It is for this purpose and to this end we resolve to form new mission initiatives to the exaltation of Jesus, the glory of God the Father, and the joy of people groups that are still waiting to hear the good news of Jesus. I am thankful for the ways in which SCS has prepared me to participate in this great call. 


Written by: Christian Pressley, SCS student