My seminary career began ten years ago during the economic downturn. Like so many others, my family had lost a lot in the few years leading up to 2010: our jobs, house, possessions, and way of life. It was during this time of uncertainty and loss that God’s call on my life grew louder. Not quite knowing how to answer it, I stumbled onto an ad for an online seminary and before long was taking classes. 

However, life changes continued to happen and my financial aid dried up. As quickly as it began, my seminary career seemed to be over just a few short years later. While I wanted to continue, the notion of doing so began to seem less and less attainable in the following days, months, and years.

 Then, through Church Unlimited in Corpus Christi, I discovered Stark Seminary. With a great selection of classes, financial aid options, and a litany of amazingly knowledgeable professors, my path to pursuing a theological education began anew. 

 Along the way, I picked up golden nuggets of information from every class. Professor Grover Pinson taught us that the Bible was meant to be spoken/heard more than read – there’s power in hearing the Word of God aloud! Dr. Jena Dunn gave us rich insights into the various avenues of Christian missionary work over the last 2000 years, noting the most successful were rooted in showing the love of Christ first and foremost. In Old Testament survey, Professor Kenny Eiben instilled in us the two most important things a Christ follower can do: worship God and do so by loving others the way we love Him. 

 There have been so many moments of inspiration and growth during my time at Stark College & Seminary. These experiences have made the idea of graduation so much more than just a ceremony and piece of paper indicating an educational landmark. Stark has made me a better son, husband, father, and pastor. 

 While my spiritual education will never be complete in this life, knowing that 2020 is the year I will cross the first finish line at seminary puts a bright spot in a year marked by darkness and uncertainty. Thank you Stark College & Seminary for tirelessly serving your students in their spiritual edification and education. The eternal impacts are too great to quantify this side of Heaven.


This article was written by Mike Bullock. He is the Central Support LifeGroups Pastor at Church Unlimited.