“My children look at everything I do. I want to be the best role model for them, and the only way I can do that is if I love God first and let him guide me in his plan.” says SCS student Joanna Reyes. “SCS has helped me learn more about God, so I can better serve my family and my church.”

Growing up in Alamo, Texas, Joanna spent all of her time at church. “I ate, breathed and slept the culture and religion of Catholicism,” she tells us. However, when she graduated from high school, she fell away from the church. She never lost her faith in God, but she chose a different lifestyle. Her life started to change again when she got married and moved to McAllen. At that point, she started to feel God calling her back into his arms. 

“I was looking for a church and a friend of mine told me about BT Church. It was right behind my house, and I loved the service, so I continued to go,” Joanna shares. “I got baptized as an adult while pregnant and took that step of faith to follow Christ. I am so thankful for God’s hand in my life, and I now work for BT as the assistant to the Children’s Director.”

Being a working parent is challenging, but when Joanna felt God call her to take classes at SCS, she faithfully answered the call. “The faculty is awesome, and I just love learning so much about Christ. They make it fun yet push me to really think about my faith. SCS has taught me a lot that I didn’t know previously, and I look forward to learning even more this semester.”

Outside of SCS and BT Church, you can find Joanna spending time with her three children and husband. They love being together, enjoying the outdoors, and cooking wonderful meals.