“Going to Stark College & Seminary is a great investment,” shares SCS student Evenson Demas. “It helps you grow spiritually and increases your knowledge about God.”

Growing up in Leogane, Haiti, Evenson gave his life to Christ during a revival at the Haitian Church of God in Homestead, Florida. He found his way to McAllen with his job in law enforcement, but he feels called to be a servant of the Lord. Evenson has been affirmed in this calling by his mentor, Bishop Toru Dean, as well as fellow church members. 

“Bishop Toru Dean encouraged me to start a Bible study at my house and to take Bible classes online,” Evenson says. “When I got to McAllen, I found Stark and started taking classes there. My favorite class so far has been Methods of Biblical Interpretation with Professor Primitivo Pagayon. He has been a great encourager to me. He is the one who inspired me to pursue my Master of Arts in Ministry degree.”

Evenson appreciates the atmosphere of Stark where everyone is working together and lifting up one another. He says, “The staff works with you in your classes and helps everyone pursue the call God has on their lives. Everyone who comes here can succeed because of the support they have from the staff.” 

Outside of SCS Evenson serves as an usher and is a member of the men’s group at McAllen Church of God. He enjoys reading, playing soccer, and spending time with his daughter.