“Like most children, I was not asked to go to church…I was dragged!” shares SCS student, Curtis Jones. “I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t in church, because I’m sure I started going while in my mother’s womb.”

Born to a very spiritual family, Curtis grew up in the church and accepted Jesus at the age of 10. He was raised in Beeville, Texas but is now a member of the first SCS class in San Antonio. “My pastor, Eric R. Tarver, is on staff at the college and recommended I enroll,” Curtis says. “I think it was Albert Einstein who said, ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.’ I wanted to take classes so I could have a greater understanding of God and be able to share him with others more simply.”

One of Curtis’s favorite things about taking classes at SCS is the community. “We are the first class in San Antonio, so we’re very open and close. We try to help each other in every way possible so we can all reach our potential together,” he tells us. “Also, the staff and faculty at SCS are very helpful and make sure we have everything we need to succeed.”

When asked about his calling, Curtis sees his calling as sharing God with everyone he meets. “I feel called to inclusion, to let everyone know that if God can love someone like me, he definitely will love you.” He is excited to continue sharing the love of God with others in his everyday life but jokes that God may promote him to preacher one day. 

Outside of SCS, you can find Curtis working on the promotion team of the SA Current, serving the youth at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, or out playing basketball. Known as a jokester in his family, he believes laughter helps bring you closer to God and hopes to share that laughter with everyone he meets.