I was brought up in a loving home with two wonderful parents. My mom was truly a spiritual leader when it came to instilling Godly living in us as we grew up. My family attended a church led by my uncle for many years. I participated in several different departments of ministry at my church, but my main ministry was the tambourine dance & worship team. I met my husband at church, and we were married in September 2013.

Currently, I serve at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship where I help maintain some of the church’s social media pages. I also participate in classes with the women’s ministry. During the beginning of our time at CCCF, Rochelle Roots (a fellow church member and SCS grad) convinced me to take a class. I previously attended two unaccredited theological campuses, but SCS offered the accreditation that I needed in order to have the qualifications necessary to pursue my dream job in ministry.

I have a Master’s in Pastoral & Clinical Counseling and am in the Bachelor of the Ministry Arts program at SCS to pursue an additional undergraduate degree. I feel called to the field of counseling, and maybe later on in life, to hospital chaplaincy as well.

With this calling in mind, SCS has helped me in my ministry both inside and outside of my church.  I believe that SCS has given me the tools to become a better spiritual counselor and servant of His Kingdom overall. SCS has truly encouraged me and given me the momentum to find God’s call on my life. The community of staff and fellowship of peers inspires me. It provokes me to walk forward with more thought in my ministries as a new mom, as a church volunteer, as a speaker, as a woman of Christ, and as a person with sincere heart to please God.