“The doors God has opened for me at Stark College and Seminary (SCS) are unreal,” Ashley Kendall says. “God has really brought me out of my comfort zone and is using the people and the learning experiences here at SCS to mold and shape me into the woman He is calling me to be.”

So how did Ashley Kendall end up answering her call at SCS? Born in Houston and raised in San Antonio, Ashley received her undergraduate degree at Sam Houston State University. “I was in a really low place in college and was seeking help from anyone willing to give it,” Ashley shares with us. “One night, I attended a church service and heard God speak directly to me,” she continues. “He told me to be still.”

With these simple but powerful words, Ashley’s entire life began to change. “Things started falling into place. As I practiced obedience to God, I was able to receive healing and restoration in a difficult relationship. At that point, I was like, ‘Okay who is God and how do I get more of him?’”

In her quest to learn more about God, Ashley started researching seminaries. At the time, she was engaged and her fiance lived in Beeville, so she knew she needed to find a local seminary in Corpus Christi. She was also applying to jobs, so she needed a seminary that fit with a full time work schedule. With God’s perfect planning and provision, Ashley received a job in SCS’s technology department and was able to start taking her first seminary classes.

“I love everything about SCS,” Ashley says. “I love my classmates, I love the culture, I love the learning material, and I love the passion I see not only in the students but in the faculty as well.” While Ashley just started taking classes this fall, she has already begun to recognize and be more aware of the presence and glory of God.

“If anyone is interested in attending SCS, JUST DO IT,” Ashley encourages. “I felt the Lord calling me to seminary, and I am so glad I answered the call.”