I grew up going to church with my family, but it was at a summer camp when I was eight that I went up for an altar call and gave my life to Jesus. Fast forward many years and three amazing children later, life has brought heartache, trauma, and storms. Though I don’t always understand why certain things occur, the Lord shows up through it all.

I competed in gymnastics and springboard diving as a child. After college, I was still drawn to sports and worked in professional baseball. While I was working there, I started feeling the call to return to gymnastics as a coach. I answered the call in 2008, and my brother and I opened a gymnastics club in West Texas. Our gym was faith-based, so I got to answer my call to coach while also sharing the love of God with all of the kids who came through our doors.

One day, I was helping a preschooler walk across a 4 inch wide balance beam 4 feet in the air. She was so scared, and I just kept asking her, “Do you trust me?”

Even though she was terrified, she responded, “Yes Coach Amy.”

“I got you,” I assured her as she took her first step.

At that moment, I heard God say, “That is what I have been asking and saying to you Amy.” My life changed as I listened to His voice and pressed more into His call. Things began to change again in 2016. That year, I became so ill that I went from doing handstands and spotting kids to barely being able to walk across the floor.  

Around the same time as my illness took effect, my husband was contemplating retirement from the Fire Department. We finally decided to close my gym in West Texas and move our family to Corpus Christi. In Corpus, I could receive the medical attention I needed for my illness, and our family could enjoy the beach which we all love.

Once we moved here, I felt my call to ministry strengthened again. However, I knew I needed an education in order to pursue this call. I was looking in the CVB magazine on continuing education and saw SCS.  I inquired but did not feel ready to start classes.

One day, a card came with a note from VP Tina Villarreal Cooper asking if I would pray for students and the college and then offered to pray for me as well. I emailed her and told her about everything going on in my life.  She continued emailing and praying for me regularly. Finally, I took the leap and registered. I started with the certificate and now am looking forward to continuing my education through the new Master of Arts in Ministry degree.

I never imagined I would end up in Corpus Christi, but I have seen the provision of God shine both in the city and at SCS. From my position as the Kids Administrator at Real Life Church to the ministry my husband and I are starting called Anchored Hope International, God is moving and working through our family here. God has remained faithful through it all.