“After a life of constant struggle, extreme drug addiction and alcoholism, I was at the deepest part of my life. I was lost, depressed, and had no answers. I tried everything to change and nothing worked,” shares Alex Rios. “However, I was introduced to Jesus by my brother many years prior. Finally, after not knowing what else to do with my suicidal thoughts, I bent my knee to God, and asked Him to forgive me of my sins. Since then, my life has never been the same.” 

After God changed Alex’s life, he began serving in different ministries. During his time at one ministry, they emphasized the importance of education. God then placed a call on his heart to pursue a theological education. “I feel called to lead God’s people, so I realized it was necessary to go to school and get equipped,” Alex says. He came to SCS to continue growing in his faith and knowledge of God in order to better serve those around him.

“My favorite part of SCS is the family feel,” Alex tells us. “So far it has been awesome to connect with and relate to everyone I meet. It has also been great learning more about God’s word. I love learning how to break down scripture and really dig into the stories in the Bible one may overlook. If God calls you to SCS, do it. Be obedient, and answer Him faithfully. You will learn so much and gain the tools you need to minister to others.”

Outside of SCS, you can find Alex working at JetSet Medical Waste picking up medical waste all around South Texas. You can also find him leading middle school students at BT Church and helping the church plan outreach events. He loves sports, reading, and spending time with his wife and their little girl.