Written by: Aaron Wright

I came to Stark to answer God’s call on my life to be a US Navy Chaplain.

The journey isn’t always easy, but thankfully the call at least came clearly. Prior to coming to Stark, my wife and I had been praying about long-term ministry options, and God placed military chaplaincy on our hearts. Since I come from a military family, this was always a possibility, but God had yet to provide a firm call. I lost my job at another ministry, and God provided Stark at the right time for me to pursue my M.Div. to lead me towards this call. I am graduating with my M.Div. in May 2019, and I will continue my current job at First Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi until I receive active duty orders.

God has used the wonderful Baptist culture at Stark to prepare me for the variety of interdenominational settings I will find myself serving in during the Chaplaincy. Dr. Doug Jackson was more than gracious to facilitate extra reading (as if normal seminary students would want more) to encourage my development into a godly man that is able to understand a variety of different viewpoints. I also had the opportunity to serve alongside Chaplain Alan Bagnall at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in addition to my studies. Although I am Reformed in doctrine, Stark provided me the opportunity to be in community with peers who have different views than I do. The greatest joy that seminary can bring to those pursuing God’s call is to be around a community of people who live out God’s call in their life and who share in the joy of theological education together.

Although I will miss the educational environment and interactions with theological peers and mentors Stark offers, Stark has facilitated my continued love and passion to serve the church as the body of Christ. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever pass up the opportunity to go to seminary. What better way to live out the call of God than completing a theological education at Stark? I am thankful for the college, and I look forward to how our paths will cross in the future wherever God may send me.