Corpus Christi, TX – August 14, 2019 – Stark College and Seminary has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Del Mar College to create an academic relationship between the two higher education institutions. This MOU ensures ease of transfer for SCS students who require general education courses, as well as the promotion of SCS degree programs at Del Mar College. 

“I’ve spoken with many of Del Mar College’s transfer students, and I know these types of agreements make their lives easier. Transferring coursework from one institution to another is not a one-size-fits-all situation,” says DMC President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mark Escamilla. “With this MOU, we are committed to maximizing the transferability of coursework and credits from Del Mar to Stark and proactively working with students on degree plans that meet their specific needs.”

The benefit of this MOU for Del Mar College is to provide a smooth transition for potential bachelor students who wish to continue their education in the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry at SCS. In exchange for an easy transition for their graduates, Del Mar College will promote SCS and its programs in their transfer office. “SCS and Del Mar share a common mission of making higher education accessible to those traditionally excluded. Therefore, SCS is proud to celebrate a new era of academic collaboration with Del Mar College for the sake of students who strive in their education and their careers simultaneously,” shares SCS president, Dr. Tony Celelli. 

“This partnership will provide an avenue for students to achieve their educational goals without the barriers that typically correspond with higher education,” adds SCS Provost, Dr. Jena Dunn. “Through this partnership, we hope to overcome financial, transfer, and time constraints without compromising quality higher education.”

SCS is extremely excited about this opportunity to partner with another local South Texas college.  We look forward to a bright future of jointly assisting South Texas students to reach their educational goals!