Dallas, TX – July 22, 2019 – Stark College and Seminary has signed a memorandum of understanding with B.H. Carroll Theological Institution to create an academic relationship between the two higher education institutions. This MOU impacts both bachelor- and master-level students who desire to seek further theological higher education. 

This MOU ensures ease of transfer for Stark Bachelor in Ministry graduates to enroll in one of three Advanced Track Programs at Carroll: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Christian Education, and Master of Arts in Worship. This means that these students may use undergraduate credit hours completed at Stark toward these master-level degrees. “This is the kind of cooperation between colleges of like mind and mission that can further the Kingdom of God in many ways,” says B.H. Carroll president, Dr. Gene Wilkes. “We look forward to many students sharing in the theological education offered by both institutions.”

In addition, this MOU ensures ease of transfer for Stark Master of Arts in Ministry students to complete an additional masters degree at Carroll in order to reach Master of Divinity equivalency; or, they may transfer half of the credits from the Stark Master of Arts in Ministry toward the completion of the Carroll Master of Divinity. Students who wish to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree will not require the Master of Divinity but can instead complete the Stark Master of Arts in Ministry and the Carroll Master of Arts in Theology, Christian Education, Worship, or Counseling. Carroll will then provide the opportunity for Stark students and graduates from the Master of Arts in Ministry who have reached Master of Divinity equivalency (72 total masters-level credit hours) to enroll in the Carroll Doctor of Ministry degree program. 

Students participating in this partnership with Carroll can enroll in three different types of classes: (1) face-to-face in a physical classroom at one of the network teaching churches, (2) participating in a live video conferencing broadcast delivered to you over the Internet; or (3) connecting to online courses. Ultimately, B.H. Carroll can gain more students in their graduate programs through this partnership, and Stark will be able to provide online access to additional theological higher education for South Texas ministers so that they do not need to leave South Texas in order to reach their educational goals. 

“SCS exists to equip men and women to lead in the local church, and we are extremely excited to partner with B.H. Carroll who is also focused on the local church leader,” says SCS president Dr. Tony Celelli. “I look forward to a bright future of both institutions jointly assisting South Texas students fulfill their calling from God.”