What many people do not realize about the Stark internship program is how it is designed to equip students with skills that will translate directly to serving in the local church. These skills are developed progressively and may come in many different forms, but the area in which I have experienced the most refinement has been communication. 

There are a lot of moving parts that need to work together in order for the daily operations of SCS to run smoothly. Interns need to be flexible and available to serve wherever they are required. In order to do so, effective communication between interns and their supervisors is essential. At the beginning of my internship, I struggled with this. Through the in-depth evaluations and meaningful feedback I received from supervisors, staff, and fellow interns, I have grown considerably in my communication skills. 

Through my experience as an intern, I have realized how I can use those same methods to effectively communicate with my pastor and the staff at my local church. A habit I have developed is “checking in” with my pastor and administrative assistant to share what my agenda is for the day and ask if there is anything they have for me to add to it. Doing so has helped improve my communication with my church while simultaneously allowing me to prioritize and schedule my various responsibilities. This is a prime example of just one of the practical skills I have learned through the SCS internship that has seamlessly translated to serving at my local church. That is why I recommend applying for the internship to all those who are interested in furthering their theological education and applicable ministry skills.