Stark College & Seminary (SCS) excitedly announces the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) granted SCS the ability to offer graduate-level programming. Beginning Fall 2019, SCS will offer a 44 credit-hour Master of Arts in Ministry degree. This new accredited degree will ensure students with a call to ministry can pursue graduate level studies while remaining rooted in South Texas.

Last fall, SCS introduced the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry as a part of its degree offerings. Following the decision by Logsdon Seminary in October to discontinue graduate studies at SCS, the Board of Trustees determined to offer an option so local pastors could receive accredited theological higher education in South Texas.

Therefore, in December, SCS submitted and was granted a substantive change to offer graduate-level programming. The Master of Arts in Ministry extends the work students can do through the Certificate, Diploma, and Bachelor degrees to fulfill their calling.

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