“I am most excited when the Scriptures come alive to any Believer, especially those who will teach and disciple others,” says SCS professor, Kenny Eiben.  “SCS is one structured avenue that fulfills that ministry goal. I am grateful for students who sharpen both my mind and my creativity as I share my passionate love for the Word of God with them.”

Growing up in a Christian home, Professor Eiben was surrounded by the faith from an early age. “My parents made professions of faith early in their marriage, so their faith was new, and they were eager to be discipled when my sisters and I were born,” he tells us. “Memorizing Scripture, family prayer, devotional times, and church attendance were regular activities in our household.” With his father in the U.S. Navy, Professor Eiben was exposed to many different worship styles and was mentored by several pastors as they moved from place to place. “These experiences helped in shaping my call to ministry,” he says.

With this calling, Professor Eiben first received his Bachelor of Arts at East Texas Baptist University and then his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. “Presently, I really enjoy studying both Apologetics and Ethics,” he shares. “However, I always had a key emphasis on missions in my schooling and overall ministry.”

As the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Professor Eiben was first invited to SCS as a speaker during lunchtime devotionals by then SCS President, Linn Self who later asked him to start teaching classes in 1999. “Profesor Eiben’s classes are a great introduction and foundation to understanding the big picture of the Bible,” says former student, Rochelle Rocha Roots. “He really helps his students see how all the books work together to tell the story of God.”

When thinking about why he loves being a part of the SCS familia, Professor Eiben responds, “Each semester, relationships between students are strengthened and lead to lifelong bonds of friendship and fellowship. After all these years, seeing students graduate and lead in ministry in numerous churches is to the glory of God.”

Outside of SCS, you can find Professor Eiben with his wife of thirty-five years, Kay, spending time with his family and friends, and swimming and surfing as much as time and weather permits.