“All throughout the Bible, we hear the words, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’” shares Dr. Fritz Williams. “I believe I am called to share the knowledge of God with others to encourage their growth and understanding.”

Dr. Williams was baptized at the early age of five. “It was during a Vacation Bible School and I acknowledged that I understood and believed in Jesus Christ. Although the Pastor questioned him it was decided he was ready for baptism upon confession,” he tells us.  At the age of 13, a guest preacher who was 16 came and preached at the church. Dr. Williams says he heard God say to me while the preacher was preaching, “I have called you to preach My word.”  He was at first reluctant because God had talked to him before, and told God “I’m not going to preach but play football, and God said I’ve called you to preach.”  “Later during my collegiate years, I experienced God in a way that deepened my relationship with Christ and gave me a greater sense of my call to ministry, and I surrendered to the call when I was 21.” He has now been in ministry for some 32 years.

During this spiritual reawakening, he earned his Bachelor of Science from Angelo State University. He continued on to complete his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary. “Practical theology is one of the disciplines always tugging at the core of my mind,” he says. “Many of the topics I preach and write on are centered around Christian formation and maintaining a sense of community.”

Applying his education to the classroom and the church has always been a priority to Dr. Williams. He has served on staff at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in San Antonio and currently serves as the pastor of First Baptist Church in his hometown of Lockhart, Texas. He also has taught at Guadalupe School of Religion and Wayland Baptist University. “I am excited for the opportunity to continue sharing the knowledge of God with the burgeoning minds of the future at SCS,” he expresses. “We here at SCS are given the opportunity to develop the student practitioner and aid them in exploring the call of God upon their life. Helping them define and understand this call is an incredible honor.” 

Dr. Williams was the first core faculty member in the San Antonio area, and in July he will enter a new role as a full-time Faculty Advisor. SCS is thrilled to have Dr. Williams shepherding the continued growth of theological education in San Antonio.

Outside of SCS you can find Dr. Williams cheering on the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Cowboys, playing dominos, driving around Texas, and spending time with his wife Tandelyn, their four children, and his grandchildren.