This fall semester, I cannot wait to see how God will continue to reveal His glory through our classes at Stark College & Seminary. I will be teaching Methods in Biblical Interpretation and Theological Research and Writing. I am excited to teach these courses, because if I were to go back to seminary, these are the classes I would take first. These classes are essential for all incoming students to develop a solid educational foundation. They provide students (especially those who are currently in the ministry) the tools needed for their own study of the Bible and will enhance their research skills. 

Methods in Biblical Interpretation will provide students the tools required for sound biblical interpretation of the Old and New Testaments. The key here is “sound biblical interpretation.” Many people, including some Christians and ministers, are guilty of misinterpreting the Bible thus forcing their own interpretation instead of elucidating the intended meaning of a particular passage. This class will explore tools that are vital to the academic study of the Bible, personal spiritual formation, and effectively communicating biblical teachings to others. 

The other class that acts as a complement to Methods in Biblical Interpretation is Theological Research and Writing. This course introduces the student to writing skills with an emphasis on choosing and narrowing a topic, utilizing theological library resources, implementation of research, note taking, organizing a paper. This is helpful for every seminary student because it helps them learn how to tackle a research paper. For many students, the thought of writing a paper is very scary. This class helps to alleviate that fear and shows them just how capable they are of writing a well thought out paper. Every class at Stark requires a research paper, so I recommend every student starting with this course in order to build a firm foundation for their future courses.  

Both of these classes will definitely help anyone with a passion for learning and gaining new skills. It will sharpen the way they study the Bible and help them articulate his or her discovery in academic and church settings. Students will learn how to effectively communicate God’s word with others and share His glory with the community. I cannot wait to see how God works through these classes and students.  

This article was written by Professor Primitivo Pagayon. Professor Pagayon serves at the McAllen campus and is the pastor of Jubilee Christian Fellowship in Harlingen, TX.