This year the Hand and Dove Scholarship Banquet attendees will have the honor of hearing from Dr. Delvin Atchison. Dr. Atchison has a long history of preaching and pastoring. He first began public speaking at 9, he started his preaching ministry at 16 under the late Rev. C. L. Simpson, pastor of the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church of Hearne, and he accepted his first pastorate in Old Providence Baptist Church in Branchville, Texas during his freshman year of college. 

In preparation for his call, Dr. Atchison earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, his Master of Divinity with honors from George W. Truett Seminary at Baylor University, and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian College. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Ministry at Truett Seminary. 

Dr. Atchison recognizes the importance of education in ministry and seeks to equip pastors and preachers. “The greatest role that SCS can play is that we save the laity of an uninformed clergy. Ministers fail in ministry, not from lack of desire, but rather because they are not properly equipped,” shares Dr. Atchison. “The calling of each preacher requires being equipped and empowered. SCS equips the preacher for the task.”

Dr. Atchison has served at a number of churches and organizations, including Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Waco, Bethel Baptist Church of Crockett, Progressive Missionary Baptist Church of Cameron, Old Providence Missionary Baptist Church of Branchville, and Texas Baptists as the Director of the Great Commission Team. He currently serves as the senior pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas. 

During the Hand and Dove Scholarship Banquet, Dr. Atchison will discuss God’s expectations of people who have been blessed. It is sure to be a wonderful night full of stories that speak of God’s faithfulness and power at work in His Kingdom community.