You’re running late to class because you forgot what time it started. When you arrive, you realize that you failed to do the reading assignment and are not prepared for the quiz that you did not remember was scheduled for that day. In addition, you have a paper due next week that you have not started. In that moment, you vow that next semester you will be more organized.

Sound familiar? Why wait to get organized until next semester? Start now, at the beginning of the semester. Below are five ways to jumpstart your organizational prowess as you begin a new semester. 

1. Use a calendar

Set up a Google Calendar (you have access to this for free through your email). Google Calendars are great because they sync with Google Classroom. Assignments with a deadline in Google Classroom will automatically sync to your Google Calendar. Even better, you can access it from your computer, phone, and other devices. 

Your professors each provided you with a syllabus in your first class. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT! You should put all assignments and deadlines (reading, quizzes, tests, papers) from your syllabus into your Google calendar. You should also create reminders to complete different parts of the assignment before it is due.  For example, if I know I have a 6 page paper due in November, I will work backwards from the due date to be sure I have each page written by a certain date. This way I don’t have to write the whole paper the night before it is due!

2. Devote 10-15 minutes a day to go over your calendar and reminders

You should spend 10-15 minutes each morning to identify tasks that should be completed by the end of that day. This will keep you on top of your reminders so that you can work through assignments in those small segments you set up at the beginning of the semester.

3. Devote at least one hour each day to schoolwork

You should also spend at least one hour each day completing those tasks so that you do not get behind on your schoolwork. Often, students wait until the weekend to complete this work, then something comes up and they end up completing assignments last minute. If you schedule time every day for schoolwork (add this time to your Google Calendar), you will be more likely to stay ahead of deadlines and have a more relaxing semester. 

4. Check your email and Google Classroom two to three times a day

Finally, your professor posts important information in these places, and it is vital to your success that you keep up with assignments and announcements.

College is stressful and busy for everyone, these easy tips will help you master organization, tasks, and due dates throughout the semester!

5. Talk to your professors whenever you have a question

Your professors are here to help you and provide direction throughout the class. If you ever have a question about an assignment or need help planning out a paper, they would be more than happy to assist you! If you need help setting up your Google Calendar, Alerts, or Reminders, set up an appointment with our Tech team at