Note: Do not use the enter/return key while using CampusSiS. You may reset the page and lose any data entered. CampusSiS is a TAB-based program. Use the TAB key to navigate through each field.

1) Log in to CampusSiS
2) Enter your Stark email address.
3) Enter your password. (If you forget your password, click “Help” and CampusSIS will send a new password to your email.)
4) Click the “Login” Button.
5) Click the green “Welcome Back” button that appears underneath “Login” in order to be redirected to your CampusSIS dashboard.

Please note: Your CampusSiS account is a different account from your SCS Google Apps for education account. CampusSiS is a Student Information Systems database which includes accessing the following:

Course schedule
Degree audit
Profile information
SCS student fees/tuition payment information
SCS library book search
Class resources
Class Forums
Class Directory
And more!