How do I check my financial aid and determine tuition payment amounts?

See this how to document for checking financial aid determine tuition payment amounts. For payment due dates, please see the Academic Calendar in…


How do I check my balance and make tuition payments?

To check your tuition balance use your CampusSiS account. View the instructions with pictures, please click HERE.


How do I apply for financial aid with SCS?

SCS Students seeking to apply for financial aid with SCS should fill out the SCS Financial Aid Application. Current students…


Can I use veteran benefits at SCS?

Yes! For more information on using your veteran benefits at SCS, please contact Cheryl Temple at 361-991-9403 or


Can I take out student loans to pay for classes at SCS?

When you enroll at SCS, we ask you sign an agreement that says, in part, “I wish to decline all…