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To register for classes, schedule an appointment online or contact SCS to meet with your advisor. In order to provide the best assistance to students an advisement appointment is necessary to complete registration.

Before your appointment review the current course offerings and complete any necessary financial aid applications.

At your advising appointment, your advisor will review your degree plan with you, consider the progress you have made and plan to make, and address any questions you may have. After confirming which classes you intend to take, your advisor will help you complete the necessary registration forms.

**Please note that your student account must have a zero balance before you may register for courses.

To add a class, schedule an appointment online or contact SCS to speak with your advisor. Your advisor will help you complete the necessary forms for adding a course. Your signature is required to approve any course additions. Your student account will be adjusted.

To drop a class before registration has closed, contact SCS to schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor. Your advisor will help you complete the forms for dropping a course. Your signature is required to approve the course drop. Your student account will be adjusted, as will any payment arrangements you have made with the Business Affairs Office.

To drop a class after registration has closed, first take into account the drop fee, the loss of work already completed in the course, and the loss of tuition for the course. Contact both your advisor and professor to explore options for completing the course. If you decide to drop a course already in progress, your advisor will help you complete the necessary forms. Signatures from both student and instructor are required to approve a course drop. After a course begins, a drop fee of $40 per course is incurred. Because SCS makes scholarships available to all students, once classes begin there is NO refund of tuition and you are liable for the full amount of tuition agreed upon at registration.


As a student with SCS, you have a G Suite for Education Account. This account includes Google email (aka Gmail), Drive (which includes Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Presentations), Calendar, Google Classroom, and more. For more information regarding the services that come with this Google Account, you can sign in using your SCS email address (as your username) and your SCS gmail password at:

For more tips and “how to” information regarding the Google services, please bookmark and visit this page that we at SCS have found helpful:

1. Log in to your SCS Google email account. (If you cannot log in to your SCS gmail account, please contact the school at (361) 991-9403.)

2. Once you are logged in, click on the pinwheel to the right of your page. Then click on “Settings”

3. Next you will be taken to a page with general labels at the top of the page. Click on the link titled “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”

4. You will be asked to add a forwarding address. Type in your primary email and confirm.

5. You will then receive a confirmation email to your primary email account. You must click on the link in the email to begin forwarding emails.

Note: Do not use the enter/return key while using CampusSiS. You may reset the page and lose any data entered. CampusSiS is a TAB-based program. Use the TAB key to navigate through each field.

1) Log in to CampusSiS
2) Enter your Stark email address.
3) Enter your password. (If you forget your password, click “Help” and CampusSIS will send a new password to your email.)
4) Click the “Login” Button.
5) Click the green “Welcome Back” button that appears underneath “Login” in order to be redirected to your CampusSIS dashboard.

Please note: Your CampusSiS account is a different account from your SCS Google Apps for education account. CampusSiS is a Student Information Systems database which includes accessing the following:

Course schedule
Degree audit
Profile information
SCS student fees/tuition payment information
SCS library book search
Class resources
Class Forums
Class Directory
And more!

Log in to your email by going to

If you cannot log in to your SCS gmail account, please contact the school at (361) 991-9403.

Please Note: Your SCS email account is a Google Apps for Education account. The same username and password will be used to access all of your Google Apps for Education apps such as Google Drive, Calendar, and more! For tips on Google Drive, please visit the following website:

Also, please note your Google Apps for Education account is a completely different account from your CampusSiS account. The passwords are not tied to each other.

Watch this video or read the steps below:

How to Access Google Drive from Stark College & Seminary on Vimeo.

Tuition & Financial Aid

See this how to document for checking financial aid determine tuition payment amounts.
For payment due dates, please see the Academic Calendar in the SCS Catalog or check your SCS email for your original tuition invoice which includes payment due dates.

To check your tuition balance use your CampusSiS account.

View the instructions with pictures, please click HERE.

SCS Students seeking to apply for financial aid with SCS should fill out the SCS Financial Aid Application. Current students will be notified of their award amounts via their student email. Prospective students will be contacted via the email they use to fill out the application.

See the Financial Aid page for a full list of financial aid information.

Yes! For more information on using your veteran benefits at SCS, please contact Cheryl Temple at 361-991-9403 or

Unfortunately, the Hazlewood Act can only be used at public institutions of higher education in Texas. SCS is a private institution, and therefore ineligible to accept Hazlewood funds. Visit our Financial Aid page to find out more about the aid we offer.

When you enroll at SCS, we ask you sign an agreement that says, in part, “I wish to decline all student loans available to me through the Federal Student Aid program while attending SCS.”

At SCS, we care about your financial future, and we know that leaving school with crippling debt not only limits where you are able to minister, it can also be a source of stress and chaos in your life for years to come. Because of this, one of our fundamental principles is affordability. We will continue to strive to keep our tuition low, and we will continue to offer scholarship and grant opportunities to every student that attends SCS.

To find out more about about our tuition, scholarships, and grants, please visit the Financial Aid section of our website, or call Cheryl Temple at (361) 991-9403.


Fill out the SCS Graduation Application. SCS holds a graduation ceremony once a year in May and will contact graduates closer to time regarding ceremony details.


If you are graduating with the Master of Arts in Ministry, then you will need to order your regalia from this link.

To purchase a SCS class ring, please visit this link.

To find your unofficial transcript information follow the steps below:

  1.  Login to CampusSIS.
  2.  Go to Module, Student, My Reports, GPA Report.

Stark College & Seminary does not have a bookstore. We recommend you purchase your books online at retailers such as,, and Click here to view the latest semester booklist.

Once your registration is finalized, you may view your current schedule using CampusSiS. All students will be able to see their class schedules following the steps below:

1. Login to CampusSIS.

2. Go to Module, Student, Currently Enrolled.

See this how to document for completing course evaluations in CampusSIS. Please note that you will not be able to navigate to other modules in CampusSIS to view grades or make a payment until you complete the course evaluations.

Once a course is completed, you may check your class grades using CampusSiS. To check grades, follow the steps below:

1. Login to CampusSIS.

2. Go to Module, Student, My Reports, GPA Report.

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