“Not that I am an expert about God, but what SCS has confirmed is what I have always known,” Logsdon graduate student, Pastor Eric Tarver, tells us. “God is unexplainable and indescribable.”

A bi-vocational pastor, Pastor Tarver has been in ministry for 32 years and pastoral ministry for 26 of those years. “I always say I am a full-time pastor with a full time job. Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church comes first, but I am also a licensed funeral director at the Trevino Funeral Home in Beeville,” says Pastor Tarver. However, about six years ago, he answered the call and began his formal theological training.

“Arthur Lane, Pastor of the St. Matthew Church had been bragging about SCS to me for a period of time,” Pastor Tarver says. “Needless to say, I gave excuse after excuse until about six years ago he asked me to ride with him to the campus. He was enrolling for his final semester in the MDiv. program. Next thing I know, I am in a meeting with my advisor filling out paperwork to start school that week. Oh, and Pastor Lane paid for my class and books. Never will I forget that!”

With God’s perfect timing and provision, Pastor Tarver began attending classes at our college. Upon his arrival, he noticed a couple details that set SCS apart from other colleges. “The fellowship among the staff and student body is second to none,” Pastor Tarver shares. “All of the professors are incredible as well. They have helped me not only have the love and knowledge of Christ in my heart but also in my head.”

“There is a term used relative to education and ministry on the lines of having some ‘learning with your burning’. SCS has made me appreciate digging deeper and running further,” Pastor Tarver says. “Even my church tells me they see positive results from my time here. It’s reciprocal that when the shepherd improves the sheep benefit as well. With that being said, my congregation is my motivation and driving force to hang in there and finish.”

Outside of his very busy schedule pastoring a church, working at the funeral home, and attending classes, you can find Pastor Tarver spending time with his family, enjoying his guilty pleasure TV show, “The Have and Have Nots,” and cheering on the Spurs and Longhorns. He is incredibly grateful for SCS and wants everyone who might feel called to attend seminary to check out our college. Pastor Tarver encourages, “Get here quickly without hesitation and get ready to love, learn and lead.”