A Non-Traditional Journey

  I grew up in a small town of 12,000 people that was predominantly Hispanic. I am a third generation…

Vidal Muniz: “What God Calls The Church To Do”

Vidal Muniz is the Teaching Pastor at First Baptist Church in Pharr, Texas.

Latinos and the Church

  Since the introduction of Christianity in the Americas, racial divisions have existed in the Church. When we look at…

Dr. Celeste Gonzalez-Moreno: “Justice: Bringing God’s Kingdom”

Dr. Celeste Gonzalez-Moreno is the Acting Director of Bachelor and Diploma Programs at Stark College and Seminary.

Dr. Delvin Atchison: “A Prophetic Response To: I Can’t Breathe”

Dr. Delvin Atchison is the Senior Pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas.