Stark College & Seminary Forms Academic Partnership with Victoria College

  VICTORIA, TX – March 21, 2019 – Stark College and Seminary has signed a memorandum of understanding with Victoria…

Professor Profile: Kenny Eiben

  “I am most excited when the Scriptures come alive to any Believer, especially those who will teach and disciple…

Dr. Tony Celelli: “The Dilemma of Seminary”

Dr. Tony Celelli discusses the differences between the orthodoxy and orthopraxy and calls attention to the ways in which students can adopt a style of worship and study that glorifies the Lord.

Dr. Scott Jones: “Perception”

Dr. Scott Jones of First Baptist Church – Rockport speaks on the relationship between pastoring and scholarship.

Dr. Delvin Atchison: “The Getting Place”

Dr. Delvin Atchison shares the importance of having a “Getting Place” when it comes to living a Christian life and leading others.