A Unified Humanity

We celebrate Black History Month to recognize the myriad accomplishments and contributions that African Americans have made to the United…


SCS Podcast: Rev. Arthur Lane – “Overturning Tables”

Rev. Arthur Lane speaks on the necessity of overturning tables in this week’s podcast.


SCS Podcast: Dr. Chris Stapper – “Impostor Syndrome”

  This week, Dr. Chris Stapper discusses the topic of pastoring and scholarship through the lens of the Impostor Syndrome.


SCS Podcast: Dr. Brian Hill – “Tension”

  Dr. Brian Hill of First Baptist Church Corpus Christi discusses the tension between scholarship and pastoring.


SCS Podcast: Dr. Delvin Atchison: “The Getting Place”

Dr. Delvin Atchison shares the importance of having a “Getting Place” when it comes to living a Christian life and…