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Tuition Costs

Certificate in Ministry


per credit hour

Diploma in Ministry Studies


per credit hour

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry


per credit hour

Master of Arts in Ministry


per credit hour

Additional Information:

Audit Rate: $65 per credit hour | Drop Fee: $40 per course | Late Registration: $50

Financial Aid

Students wishing to apply for financial aid with SCS can fill out the SCS Financial Aid Application.

Ministry Partner Program

SCS is providing an alternative pathway for ministry leaders to earn a Certificate in Ministry or a Diploma in Ministry. The traditional way of paying tuition is for the student to pay per credit hour and bear the financial obligation alone. Even though SCS already offers the most affordable tuition in South Texas, costs remain a hardship for many of SCS’s students. Currently, the Certificate in Ministry (19 credit hours) costs $1,805 and the Diploma in Ministry (60 credit hours) costs $8,980. What if students and a circle of donors could make an affordable monthly payment for a limited time so that ministry training becomes a shared blessing and not an individual burden? Now they can!

As part of the Ministry Partner Program eligibility requirements, students must enroll in Fundamentals of Christian Stewardship, which requires students to recruit partners to make nominal monthly donations to the college. Enrolled students then gain unlimited​ course access to complete the Certificate and/or Diploma at their own pace.

Breakdown of MPP Subscription:

  • SCS Certificate student and 6 partners give $25 a month for twelve months.
  • SCS Diploma student and 6 partners give $50 a month for twenty-four months.

Benefit for Students:

  • Certificate in Ministry student pays $300 vs. $1,805.
  • Diploma in Ministry student pays $1,500 vs. $8,980.

Benefit for local Churches:
Statistics indicate more pastors fail from poor people-skills than lack of doctrinal knowledge. Since ministry is never conducted in isolation, ministers need the interpersonal skills of leadership and resource management as part of their training. With limited resources already, the local church needs a well-rounded leader who not only can teach orthodoxy (right doctrine), but also can teach orthopraxy (right living). The MPP offers eligible students personalized coaching in stewardship, leadership, and communication for the 21st-century church.

Please note that MPP donors give to the program, not a particular student, so the donations remain 100% tax-deductible.

BGCT Ministerial Financial Assistance

Students attending a Baptist church may be eligible for Ministerial Financial Assistance (MFA) from the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). Freshman and sophomore students qualifying for MFA will receive $50 per semester hour. Qualifying junior and senior students will receive an additional $25 per semester hour. To apply, download the SCS BGCT First Year Form.

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